Wild Skydiving People and Dropped Freefalling Things!

Skydiving stunts, exhibitions, freefall cinematography, and even a skydiving school, these guys are the craziest talented skydivers around. They hold  dozens of world championship titles and awards for artistic achievements in a variety of disciplines for their Aerial Stunt Service. From radical pizza delivery to dropping cars filled with people from planes, you gotta see these crazy mofos to believe it.

You may or may not recognize a few of the Charlie’s Angels scenes above. They skydive with motion picture cameras for films, television, and commercials as well as perform the stunts.


These pro rated skydivers are qualified and prepared to parachute into a variety of locations, including; stadiums, parks, beaches, city streets, parking lots, schools, bridges, and even into water.

Want to learn to skydive? They can do that too. They would start you off tandem like below in the exotic setting of Cancun.

Uh-oh, oh shit! Serious malfunction.

Does it scare them off or keep them from trying again?

Hell no! They go for skysurfing too. From way out in the middle of nowhere to the wild treacherous Alps. Adrenaline junkies?

From deep in Amazon jungle, they even base jump from the top of Angel Falls in Venezuela. You can see where they started and their landing zone.


That barefoot dude is Greg. He’s either insane or insanely talented. Perhaps a bit of both?


Joe Jennings took most of these awesome photos. You can see more of Joe’s skydiving stunt shots here or in slideshow here.

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